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by Louis Jacinto

While finishing up the ANGELA book, my collection of photographs I took of Angela Davis in 1978, I was also exhibiting a new body of work at the Loft At Liz’s Gallery in Los Angeles.  That show was a great success and Liz’s was the first venue to kick-off the annual MOPLA – Month of Photography Los Angeles – events throughout the city.

Two weeks into the exhibit the gallery hosted an artists talk, co-produced by Open Show Los Angeles.  That evening I was introduced to Charmaine Jefferson, the Executive Director of the California African American Museum.  Angela Davis was scheduled to speak at the venue and I asked about the time and date.  Unfortunately I knew I was not going to be able to attend.

The next day I attended a lobbying day at the Los Angeles Council Chambers to ensure that our elected officials kept the arts high on the agenda for continued funding and support.  Ms. Jefferson was in attendance and I went up and said hello.  I explained that I would not be able to attend the speaking event with Angela Davis, but I wondered if I could impose on her by sending a copy of the upcoming ANGELA book that she could forward to Ms. Davis.  I also stated I would include a copy for her as well.  Ms. Jefferson said she would be delighted to forward the book, and as for her copy, she would ensure that it entered the museum’s archives!Image

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