Hope Fading (If We Let It)

by Louis Jacinto

In 2010 the posters from the first presidential campaign of Barrack Obama plastered all over the city were now fading and peeling away.

Senator John McCain, Obama’s contender, had chosen Sara Palin as his vice-presidential running mate.  It was with this choice that McCain opened up the racist and low-educated American’s to come forward and openly espouse their hatred, leading to the current state of the nation’s moral condition.

I was driving on Broadway in Los Angeles when I spotted this wall with the remnants of Obama’s ‘Hope” poster near 23rd Street.

The next day I photographed the image and realized that we are the only ones who can retain our American values and return them from the racist individuals who wish to regain control of our nation.

My uncles Richard Padilla, Bernard Padilla and Jerry Giarrantano did not defeat the Nazis during World War II to have one reside in the White House today.

We outnumber them!


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